Leipziger Quattro Stagioni Part 2: the saga continues

Oh, hello there! Is it Christmas already? Nope, it’s just March, silly, but I decided to give you this premature Christmas gift in the shape of part II of the Leipzig article. And you thought I’d never do part II….I get no trust around here.

As promised, this week I’ll continue my never-ending Leipzig tale with tips and recommendations for spring and summer. Without much adon’t, let’s get right into it!

DISCLAIMER: While my tips are real, my dark jokes aren’t. I do this for the giggles, so don’t take my grim sense of humor too seriously. Just enjoy!

SPRING awakening

It’s time for revival, it’s time for awakening and it’s time for new beginnings. It’s spring! The arrival of spring always brings a smile on my face, mostly because it means no more Siberian winter, which is always a gift. Besides that, everything comes back to life, expect for me because I’m dead on the inside. But birds chirping and flowers blooming is always a nice sight, even for a soul-eating dementor like me. Before I go on with the self-deprecating humor, let’s see what there is to do in Leipzig during springtime.

1. Enjoy a beer in the city on a lazy day. I don’t know about you guys, but from time to time I like to have a slow day when I just put away my phone, go out of the house and try to take in the beauty around me. That would be my first recommendation on a “to do” list for a Leipzigy spring. Forget about your worries for a moment and go spend a day enjoying a pint of beer at one of the many terraces in the city center. Nothing will soothe your heart and make you appreciate your puny existence like a cold beer. And after all, we’re in Germany. So when in Rome, do what the Romans do. Best spots for this are Markt (Central square), or alternatively Karli – especially for a nightcap.

2. Visit Leipzig’s Panorama tower – buy a 3-euro ticket and go touch the sky! The MDR tower, located near Augustusplatz offers an amazing view of Leipzig from above, which is most spectacular at dawn. Careful, though! It can get chilly at night and if you plan on admiring the sunset from the Panorama tower, make sure to bring an extra layer. Also, if you’re not a broke student like me you can delight your senses with some fine champagne at the rooftop bar (or secretly smuggle a bottle of rosé and have at it…)

3. Go kayaking. I have to say, out of all my spring recommendations this has got to be my favorite. Guys, don’t question me! You have to try this out! There are plenty of places around Leipzig where you can rent a canoe or a kayak and go explore the canals. During my stay in Leipzig I got the chance to go kayaking twice: once on the Karl-Heine-Kanal, which takes you all around the lovely neighborhoods of Lindenau and Plagwitz and once on the Elster river, which passes through the Clara Zetkin park (where you can also rent the boats from). I’d say the Elster river is a bit more difficult to navigate and the Karl-Heine-Kanal offers better overall views, but you should try them yourselves and decide. If you’re interested in the topic, I recommend checking out this page http://lostinleipzig.com/canoe-kayak/

4. Hiking @ Fockeberg. Fockeberg, oh Fockeberg! This amazing name never ceases to put a smile on my perverted face. Believe it or not, Fockeberg is a real place with, like, a Berg(mountain). Not quite Killimanjaro, but it will have to do for Leipzig. Located in Südvorstadt, Fockeberg offers its visitors the chance to do a bit of hiking and strut those behinds. FUN FACT which I also wasn’t aware of before writing this piece: this place is actually a mountain of rubble remaining from World War II which now looks like an actual mountain. A tiny one, though. However, while covered by lush vegetation you won’t even notice that you’re not walking through a forest. All in all, Fockeberg makes a great retreat from the busy city life and I promise you that 5 minutes into your walk you’ll be forgetting all about your burdens and daily stress.



Wet, hot, German SUMMER

Ay, ay, ay, summer! You know what time it is – it’s S to the U to the M to the M to the E to the R! It’s fuente, it’s caliente and it’s pretty much non-existent in Germany 😐. I gotta say, I love a good, hot summer when you can go to the beach, travel, sit in the sun, go dancing with friends, get your wallet stolen, end up in some creepy part of the city with too many red windows, have to hitchhike a ride from an creepy truck driver, accidentally end up in Eastern Europe. Wait, was that the plot of Eurotrip!?!? Yes, yes it was. Although my summers were never as adventurous as Eurotrip, I love using this time for exploring new things and getting involved in typical summertime activities.  Check out my best-suited activities for a summer full of fun in Leipzig:


1. Go picnicking. Who doesn’t love a good’ol picnic? They make a great opportunity for socializing, eating delicious snacks, playing some sports and laying in the sun. I think summer makes a great time for this type of activity. Just find a sunny and warm day, call a couple of friends, bring your food and blankets and enjoy your day. PRO TIP: if you don’t have friends, just pay some random people in the park to join in OR bribe them with snacks. Works every time! For a list of my favorite parks which also make a kickass location for picnics or barbeques, check out part I of Leipziger Quattro Stagioni. For a list of stand-ins as your “friends”, give me a call.

2. Go to the closest thing there is to a beach – the lakes around Leipzig. If you remember part I of this article, you may remember that Leipzigers usually call Völkerschlachtdenkmal Volki, for short. Well, apparently Germans make a habit of using cute little names for many places around them. It may be because of the supercalifragilistiexpiralidociously long German words…just a hunch. Cossi and Kulki are 2 other great places to visit during summer. These 2 lakes (Cospudner See and Kulkwitzer See) can be found on the outskirts of Leipzig and are an incredibly popular spot in summer. So bring your good attitude and summer bod (or not) and make a day out of it! Also, for those out there who are feeling more risqué and like strutting around in their birthday suit/skin sweater/native buff, keep your eyes out for an FKK beach (I’m talking nudism, people).

3. Check out open-air activities going on in the city. Festivals, marathons, flea markets, movie nights, concerts, take your pic! Leipzig gets very lively in summer, so I assure you that you’ll find plenty of cool events to take part in! Miru’s tip: check out Facebook events going on in Leipzig and you’ll get all the updates on the “who, where and when” of every cool thing happening.

4. Go party your buttocks off! Last, but definitely not least on our list: go out and have yourself a good time dancing, laughing, singing and befriending strange people you may never meet again. Personally, that’s my favorite part of life. When it comes to dancing, my undefeated holder of the no. 1 spot has to be Beyerhaus. Just like a great mullet, it adheres to the “business in the front, party in the back” rule. By that I mean cool pub at the ground floor, party scene below. I don’t know about you, but I personally got involved in an unhealthy relationship with Latin music and for that, Beyerhaus is the place to be. Every Thursday, they have Latin night and during weekends you can often find many fun concerts and themed parties there. Honorable mentions go to: Moritzbastei and Werk 2 (for a variety of events and great parties), Spizz (for parties with 90s and 2000s hits a.k.a the best music ever made by mankind), Zum Kakadoo (for Karaoke), Flowerpower (for Karaoke, good times and coming back home at 7 a.m. completely unconscious) and Institut für Zukunft (for electro music and futuristic vibes).

Bonus! You get to see my creepy face in this post.



This post is dedicated to all of the great friends I made in Leipzig. The ones that I knew for a couple of days, the ones who came and went and the ones who keep me coming back. You guys make this city feel like be home ❤


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